Gorgeous In Givenchy, Jessica Chastain

Stunning actor and producer, Jessica Chastain was recently spotted in Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci in Los Angeles, California

Jessica Chastain In Givenchy
Jessica Chastain In Givenchy

The Californian babe, was recently much praised for her witty answers at the Jimmy Kimmel show. She was spotted wearing Givenchy sunglasses right outside the Jimmy Kimmel live studio and she couldn’t be looking more classier than that.

This new eyewear collection of Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, reveals a subtle yet powerful, carefully calibrated experimentation process in shapes and sizes to create daring associations. The timeless shape is deliberately unisex and conveys the identity through iconic detailing.

Givenchy Sunglasses By Riccardo Tisci
Givenchy Sunglasses By Riccardo Tisci

Givenchy’s eyewear collection demonstrates the brand’s high fashion history that is beautifully concealed in intricate details. This sunglass model comes with an exquisite frame, high-quality material, firm glass and attention even to the smallest things speak for itself: this connection can’t be overestimated in any whit.

The Golden Globe Award winner has always managed to sweep people off from their feet by her looks on the streets and specially red-carpet.


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