Laurel Dale Eyewear By Thukral Optical Works

The brand is all set to bring out its special character by the artistic craft and modern style to suit the nobility

One of the most eye-catching and attractive brand of the company. These frames are meticulously crafted from specially alloyed material to be exclusively stylish and comfortable. The brand is popular among the high-end consumers.

Laurel Dale Eyewear
Laurel Dale Eyewear

The premium fashion accessory enhances the overall personality of a consumer and benefits the eyes by protecting them from the harmful UV radiations of the sun. The classy, trendy and sporty sunglasses are the ultimate choice of the consumers. The company has also introduced polarised, polycarbonate and G-15 sunglasses for summer. The brand ensures high quality and novel design.

Laurel Dale Sunglasses
Laurel Dale Sunglasses

Laurel Dale polarised sunglasses have the transmission axis oriented vertically to block reflecting light. Because of these lenses, the ability to block the reflecting light is enhanced making it the favorite eyewear to water lovers, bikers, joggers, golfers and gardeners to eliminate glare. These lenses also favour the drivers, as while driving these reduce the glare from road and the light reflecting from the hood of the car. However, these lenses also serve a good purpose when wearing indoor by people who are light-sensitive, including post-cataract surgery patients.

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