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Bavarian Motor Works, better known simply as BMW, is one of the topmost brands when it comes to automobiles. Lately this innovative designer has expanded its business to quality eyewear, too

BMW Eyewear
BMW’s eyewear symbolises all the values of the brand itself

Although known nowadays mainly for its high quality automobiles, BMW surprisingly first started as a manufacturer of aircraft engines. It was not until 1923 that BMW announced its first motor vehicle, the now legendary motorcycle model R24. This product paved the way for the company’s transition from manufacturing solely engines to constructing complete vehicles.

The year 1928 was a decisive moment for BMW. It was when the company first started constructing automobiles. At the height of the age of engineering, BMW‘s operation grew quickly, although the company did face its own challenges. In the aftermath of the two World Wars, BMW had to develop and extend its product line in order to supplement for the lost demand of its most important client, the wartime Germany.

In the decades following the World Wars, BMW quickly strengthened its position as one of the most respected motor car manufacturers. The company expanded its production, development and distribution all over the world, while always maintaining its headquarters in Germany. Today, the iconic architectural headquarters building resides in Munich, where all of the BMW Group’s activities in more than 150 countries are coordinated from.

Even today BMW holds the title of the best-selling luxury automobile brand. In addition, BMW is the strongest brand in Germany, a country renowned for its technology and innovation. With a strong brand and an expertise developed through almost a hundred years, the company decided to expand its business to other luxury goods besides motor vehicles. And this is just what BMW has managed to do: today you can find the iconic BMW logo boasting the Bavarian colours of blue and white embedded in anything from pens to caps, umbrellas, and even in eyewear.


Luxury For The Modern Age
The values of BMW have remained the same throughout the decades. Whether you take a look at the latest BMW model or a fountain pen designed for BMW enthusiasts, you can tell by a single glance the brand of the product.

BMW stands for high technology, powerful and streamlined design, dynamic forms, and most of all, speed. Just by the feel of a BMW product you can almost sense the countless hours and efforts demanded for the completion of the product.

If it was required to put the philosophy of BMW into one word, it would definitely be innovation. Just like any company with a keen business sense, BMW seems to have grasped the vital link between product development and sales. At first glance, BMW’s products may sometimes seem overly futuristic, but the keen observer can always see the soul beneath the graceful metal design.

As one of the most recognisable and visible brands in the world, BMW hardly needs to make claims for its success. In a recent youth survey of the top luxury brands, many of the brands that have come to be accustomed with luxurious lifestyle have disappeared as the youth are becoming more economically and ecologically conscious. One of the major brands, however, that still made it to the list, was BMW.

BMW has never tried to directly appeal to the youth, and yet it remains one of the most valued brands. This makes BMW a classic example of a brand that does not consciously try to appear cool by superficial advertising gimmicks.


From Vehicles To Eyewear
What BMW offers to its clientele is much more than just high quality products and a vital brand. With products ranging from motor vehicles to golf accessories, BMW stands for a whole lifestyle. And when a company strives to improve its customers’ lives in all fronts, why should it not include eyewear in its repertoire?

BMW’s eyewear symbolises all the values of the brand itself. It is only after a painstaking process to develop the best technology, source for the best material, and complete the product with perfect detail that the company has decided to launch its eyewear collection.

The spectacles and sunglasses of BMW utilise only materials of the utmost quality to meet the company’s standards. The frames are constructed from aeronautical titanium – one of the best and lightest materials used in eyewear products. Attached to the frame are temples made from a combination of materials such as titanium and TR90 to ensure maximum durability and flexibility for the customer. The NXT lenses are manufactured from Trivex, a material originally developed for the US military. Finally, of course, the temples are embellished with the world-renowned blue and white BMW logo as a stamp of approval.

With such a combination of technology and high quality material, the customer is ensured a satisfying experience. The lightweight and completely UV protected glasses are finished with anti-reflective, hydrophobic and scratch resistant coating to match the needs of everyday life.

From BMW’s breathtaking collection, check out the model named Ambition. These sunglasses feature thick temples with a smooth and dynamic shape, and eye-catching three-branched titanium hinges. The design completed with slightly curved lenses give a sporty, energetic, and masculine impression.


The model named Fighter provides a look just as striking. The semi-rimless shaded lenses are paired with a bold double-bridge design that accentuates the brows of the wearer. The hinges and temples have a sophisticated feel to them, of course not disregarding the familiar BMW emblem on the side of the temples.

For a more formal look, consider BMW’s model named Precise. These eyeglasses feature classic square shaped lenses paired with bold and self-confident black lenses and a sophisticated double bridge. The hinges and the temples are decorated with a fine rough texture that adds a touch of character to the glasses. These glasses are perfect for those occasions when you want to give the right professional impression without compromising on style and effect.

1916: BMW was established in German as the Bavarian Aircraft Works.
1917: The first model of the BMW emblem was developed.
1923: BMW announced its first motorcycle, the model R23.
1928: BMW begins automotive construction.
1941: During the Second World War, BMW was almost exclusively manufacturing war materials.
2003: BMW launches sunglasses in collaboration with the F1 Team Williams.
2007: The Launch of BMW i3, the first all-electric BMW vehicle.
2013: BMW launches an exclusive eyewear range in collaboration with Aspex.
2014: BMW announces it is developing smart eyewear.

Gurmeet Singh, Managing Director, EYE OPTICS Trading L.L.C

“I always had a BMW car in my bucket list, but never imagined I would one day be working closely with the brand myself, as their authorised distributor for the Middle East. It’s an honour! Though the eyewear category is relatively new for BMW, the expertise isn’t. I am extremely excited about the brand and will definitely say that it will pleasantly surprise everyone. The market will certainly have high expectations, and we will do our best to exceed them. With expert suggestions from our retail partners, we will further shape ourselves to be innovative, expressive and cater to the tastes of the Middle East consumers.”




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