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Dear Optician, This Is Why You Need To Enrol In VP Academy!

For our readers who might still be confused, VP Academy is a single day, power-packed, certificate course to help you understand the needs of your customer better

As an optician, your customer’s satisfaction is the ultimate goal. To reach there, you might be practicing a lot of things. You are bringing in latest collections and ideas, using the best machinery and providing what’s best for them.

But, are you communicating that too?

It is almost like how it was in school, one night before an exam, you put in the best you got. But do you feel the same when you approach the examination hall? Nervousness is obvious. You are in the business to provide the best of eye-care solutions to your customer and that their needs are fulfilled is your most important reward.

VP Academy (in association with Essilor) is trying to help you achieve that. The reward that you most seek. Our helping hands are going to be three speakers, who are well-celebrated in their specific fields of Contact Lens, Ophthalmic Lens, and Frames & Sunglasses. Because we believe, that every optician should be an all-rounder!

Here’s what our previous participant Amar Turakhia from Turakhia Opticians, Mumbai had to say:

“I think this was a good initiative by VisionPlus Academy and I think they are doing really good as this is a new thing for the optical industry. For retailers like us all the sessions, contact lenses, ophthalmic lenses, frames & sunglasses were very informative. And I think every optical retailer should be a part of it.”

It is time, that all of you feel like Aman. Click here to book your seat: Register Here.


Programme: VP Academy, New Delhi

Topic: 40+ Customers: Your Key To A Successful Practice

Date: July 28, 2018 | Day: Saturday

Venue: Vivanta by Taj, New Delhi

The one-day session involves three lectures by esteemed speakers for 90 minutes with regular food and beverages breaks as well as networking sessions with your fellow industry-mates. 

View the last programme’s highlights here: VP Academy, Mumbai Edition

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