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This year, along with the 50th anniversary of Silhouette, Optimed Corporation celebrates 50 years of their association with the brand. Integrity, vision and dedication have been the driving forces for a company that has emerged as a leader in the optical business with several Indian and international brands in its network

When one of the gurus of the optical trade decided to set up a separate company that would scrunch the distance between manufacturers and distributors, the Indian optical industry readied itself to move several steps forward. Head honcho of Montex Corporation, a leading optical manufacturer and exporter of the 70s and early 80s, V C Poojara established a new company called Optimed Corporation in 1986 to fulfil the need to directly reach out to opticians instead of going through sub-distributors. This ensured cleaner access and also gave the manufacturer a clearer picture of what consumers are looking for in their optical needs. His foresightedness paid off and today, a quarter century later, Optimed has emerged as a favoured supplier and has a direct link with over 700 first-ranking opticians in over 50 cities.

Optimed has always worked with the best. Right from its inception, it was the sole-selling distributor of Silhouette International, a top brand that is owned by an Austrian family-owned company.

Silhouette had incredible value amongst opticians. It was perceived as one of the most consistent, innovative, high quality and good value for money brands. In fact, it was the Silhouette Model TMA ICON 5298 that won the Best Premium Spectacle Frame For Men Award in the first-ever VP Awards. The company has also won several Red Dot awards.

The introduction of the ‘hinge-less’ and ‘screw-less’ Titan Minimal Art revolutionised the international eyewear market in 1999. This unique design makes this the only brand that is allowed to be used by NASA astronauts when they go to outer space. It is said that the fitting mechanism of the lenses, which is patented by Silhouette, is used by 95 per cent of all rimless frames made in the world.

In 1991, Silhouette acquired the license to manufacture Adidas Eyewear, and Optimed has been distributing this sportswear brand since then. Several Red Dot awards, which symbolise excellence in design and quality, have been won by Adidas Eyewear.

In 2002 Optimed added Jaguar from Menrad GmbH. The Jaguar collection uses some of the design elements of the Jaguar cars and integrates them into its eyewear range. Essentially a men’s collection, it uses plastic, monel, stainless steel and titanium to give a balanced and well-detailed range. Another brand from Menrad that is part of the Optimed distributorship collection is Davidoff. Restrained elegance and contemporary design are some of the features of this well-known brand.

Another acclaimed international brand that has been licensed to Optimed for distribution in the Indian market is Elizabeth Arden. Priced competitively, the collection features smart, attractive eyewear with interesting design elements. Early this year, Optimed added two young, dynamic brands to its kitty – Italia Independent and Etnia Barcelona.

(L-R) Mukul Poojara, Ameet Poojara, Niket Poojara and Adip Poojara
(L-R) Mukul Poojara, Ameet Poojara, Niket Poojara and Adip Poojara

Optimed was among the first companies that designed and produced their own models in Hong Kong. The Optimed brand of metal frames were first-of-a-kind, using the manufacturing expertise of the large South East Asian factories and combining it with the designs, colours and materials that would be acceptable to the Indian markets and providing a fast-moving range for the opticians. The collection was designed with a view to cater to all types of end-users, irrespective of gender or age.

Optimed was also the first company to launch frames made of 100 per cent titanium called ‘Titan Art’. The top quality plastic and metal frames soon became a huge favourite with the optical shops across the Optimed network of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and other cities.

Integrity, Ethics and Transparency
In the optical business since the 60s, the Poojara family, headed by V C Poojara, has always upheld the values of ethics, transparency and integrity. Naturally, this strengthened the clients’ belief in them and added wings to the company’s credibility. Optimed was managed by the next generation of Poojaras, Niket and Ameet. They brought to the table a new vision, youthful energy and dedication.

The company’s mission statement ‘Excellence In Eyewear’ meant giving a quality product along with quick, reliable and supportive after-sales service. The product range of Optimed is structured in such a way that there is a clear demarcation with respect to price points, design philosophies and target audiences. Therefore, when the company started distributing several top-gear eyewear company products, it sought to ease operations and minimise confusion in the process of distribution.

In 2006 Optimed opened one more company, Optivision, headed by another Poojara scion, Adip Poojara. Now, brands were divided amongst the two distribution companies and business became better managed. Identifying, acting on and moving towards trends and opportunities as and when they arise has become their forte. Taking care of operations in New Delhi is the fourth generation of Poojara family, led by Mukul Poojara.

Optimed Silhouette
Right from its inception, Optimed was the sole-selling distributor of Silhouette International

The Company
The company prides itself on its ability to act promptly on the feedback received from various channel partners on vital issues such as consumer acceptance, market trends, etc. It is their firm belief that that there can be no better custodian of their brand than their channel partners. With this in mind, the company organises regular training workshops for their clients, the optical stores and their staff. This has been greatly appreciated by their clients. The company’s consistent, cordial and non-controversial image makes them one of the most favourite suppliers of optical products.

With a single office in the earlier days and a small sales team that was responsible for all operations, today the team comprises of 25 people, with separate accounts, customer care, logistics, sales and marketing departments. The company’s owners vouch for their team of hardworking and trustworthy employees who enable them to further their vision with just as much dedication and loyalty.

What The Industry Has To Say…
“…I have been doing business with the Poojara family for 35 years. They are polite, pleasant and helpful people…”
— D.L Madan, Bonton Opticians

“…I value Optimed for their steadfast focus on quality and innovation and the credit goes to Ameet & Niket Poojara…”
— Gerard Lobo, Gerard Opticians

“…Himalaya Optical would like to take this opportunity to thank two bright and dynamic individuals, Ameet and Niket Poojara, who have incessantly provided us with superior quality products…”
— Sudershan Binani, Himalaya Optical

“…I would rate the Poojara family as a highly professional and ethically run business organisation…”
— Hemanth Manay, S.R. Gopal Rao Opticians

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