Luxottica Announces Its Spring Summer 2019 Collection

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Luxottica’s latest Spring-Summer 2019 Collection is something you simply cannot afford to miss. Here’s a lowdown on what trends to expect this year

Luxottica recently showcased their Spring Summer 2019 collection from their brands like Prada, Emporio Armani, Burberry, Persol, Valentino, Ray-Ban, Vogue, Tiffany& Co, Oakley, Miu Miu and Salvatore Ferragamo.

It was a  treat for the eyes, no doubt. But to put it in a nutshell, the Spring-Summer trend this year seems to be a potpourri of loud, in-your-face branding on the lens.

The shapes too seem to have taken on a newer path altogether. Some of the newer shapes can make you wonder about.. well ‘the shape of things to come’… but the trends say that people would be in the mood to experiment this season. And we are definitely thrilled about that!

As far as materials go, usage of nylon material seems to be a popular trend in most eyewear for this season.

Talking of colours, they ranged from bright neons to vibrant hues. An interesting add on was embroidery prints on a few frames.

And yes, there’s much much more than what we just mentioned. To get a detailed brief on each brand and their collections, keep watching this space.


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