What India Wants? Ruebec Bokhari’s Response

Ruebec Bokhari of Ronak Optik seemed thrilled during Optic India 2020. Here’s what he thought were the best bets for the year ahead.

Colours that would rule 2020:
Transparent, Red, Blue or Yellow. 
Subtle shades of Pink, Beige, Brown, Gold 

Material for 2020:

Shapes for 2020
Geometrical, Slim and Oversized, Cat-Eye

″Bigger and colourful is the new in thing this season Geometrical, slim and oversized, cat-eye, and distinctive details are what’s
in this upcoming season.

Transparent frames for a more subtle look or with bold coloured rims or embellishments. Be dramatic with red, blue and yellow, subtle shades of pink, beige or brown or you could be professional with thin and lightweight gold frames. White and clear plastic have captured the attention of all ages. This season we are looking at a unique style in terms of colour for tortoiseshell frames and sunglasses.″

– Ruebec Bokhari
Organisation : Ronak Optik
Some of the brands distributed : IDEE, Image Eyewear, Irus, Chopard, Police…

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