Wiley X® Premium Protective Eyewear – Perfect For Two-Wheeled Adventures And The Outdoor World

Designed and developed to meet strict safety standards, Wiley X is just perfect for those who love adventure….

Wiley X®, one of the leaders and innovators in premium protective eyewear, is home to premium eyewear that offers more than just UV protection for the outdoor enthusiasts or two-wheeled enthusiasts no matter where the road takes them. The Wiley X eyewear brand is known to resist High Speed Particles at Extremes of Temperatures. It has made sure there is something for every rider who is on the look out for a strong, durable and great looking pair of sunglasses.


Many of these styles come in Wiley X’s Climate Control Series with patented Removable Facial Cavity™ Seal to keep wind, dust and debris at bay. These models also include a T-Peg Elastic Strap that can be snapped into the temples for a secure fit similar to what a goggle would provide which can be essential at high speeds. The Wiley X Changeable Series allows the user to swap lens colors on the fly, giving them instant premium clarity in an ever changing environment of weather and daylight.


There is truly something for everyone and every style, from metal aviator styles to polarized sport wrap styles.


Brand new for 2019, The Kingpin and Aspect are designed with premium spring hinges that afford the temples a greater range of movement and aren’t limited to the traditional 90-degree angles of other glasses. These hinges provide a more comfortable fit for the wearer and are well-suited for everyday use. The Kingpin features thinner, low-profile temples for a clean everyday lifestyle look. The high-wrap frame with sleek accents on the temple and nose will keep you in style no matter where you take the Kingpin. The Aspect are a sleek and lightweight high-wrap design that block out peripheral light. The thin, yet durable temples have rubber tips to provide you with long-lasting comfort and the confidence to take these out on any adventure.


The Vallus takes a bold approach with broad durable temples featuring accent lines highlighting the Wiley X logo. These may look heavy with the massive coverage the lenses and temples give you, but don’t be fooled, these are very lightweight providing you hours of comfort while keeping you safe. If protection from wind, dirt, dust and other debris is important, look no further than the Compass. It has a unique semi-rimless lens design on top of a full frame. Behind the glass is the removable facial cavity seal that provides long standing comfort and prevents debris and wind from getting into the wearer’s eyes. These are at home in the yard, or scaling a mountain, and the facial cavity seal can be removed or added at any time to instantly adapt to whatever is thrown in the Compass’ way.


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