Varilux® Gets A New Brand Ambassador

Cricketing legend Saurav Ganguly comes on board as the new brand ambassador for Varilux®, the World’s leading Progressive Spectacle Lens Brand

DSC_0175Essilor, one of the world’s leading ophthalmic lens maker, recently announced the appointment of iconic cricketer and former Indian team captain Sourav Ganguly as the brand ambassador for its Varilux® range of advanced progressive lenses that helps ensuring perfect near, mid and far vision.

The grand event where Essilor announced Saurav Ganguly on board as its brand ambassador was hosted at TAJ Bengal- Kolkata, the company also launched the Varilux 3.0 – its latest generation of progressive lenses in the presence of esteemed cricketer.

The event was attended by leading opticians from all over the country. It was themed after the New Wave- which depicts the change that one undergoes in this fast paced world. For instance,  smartphones have become the new television, swiping is the new click, online portals have become the new mall, all these changes depict the consumer revolution.

DSC_0123Mr.Rangarajan COO welcomed the esteemed guests who had arrived and revealed the AV for the event. It briefed the audience about the efforts brought forward by Essilor, all initiated keeping consumers at heart. How the new Varilux series can transforms lives and how this particular series is at the dawn of a product, far ahead of its time.

The product head of Varilux, Mr. Shajan had briefed on the secret behind the success of Varilux, Live Optics technology,  that is uniquely followed by Essilor because the brand has always emphasised on keeping the wearer at the heart of their innovation policy.

Staying focused with the Man – Saurav Ganguly

Mr. Colin Madigan, Director of Education & Professional Services of Essilor, AMERA (Asia, Middle East, Russia and Africa) was also a part of the event. Colin was focused on explaining the technology that has created the latest generation of Varilux® 3.0 series. To add an element of entertainment, Essilor also hosted dance performances that were also focused on conveying the various aspects of the new technology.

With Sourav on board, Essilor is planning to reiterate the philosophy that life indeed begins at 40 and that people need not be restricted by the vision problems. Invented by Essilor in 1959, Varilux® is the world’s first and largest selling progressive lens that caters especially to the needs of people with presbyopia or ‘near vision blurriness’, an inevitable age-related condition that is extremely common in people above 40.

Sourav Ganguly also interacted with the attending opticians, clicking pictures with them and talking about the Varilux lens series.

The Brand Ambassador with the Essilor Team

Ganguly, who is in his early 40s, emphasised that, “I am a passionate sportsman and in the last few years I have rediscovered my passion for things other than cricket, including football. I have always lived an active life and I want to continue to do so. With Varilux® progressive lenses I can stay focused on my passions because these spectacle lenses take care of my vision at all distances and gives me back the vision of my youth. I am glad to be associated with a brand like Varilux® which has helped millions of people improve their quality of life.”

For the 40+ people globally who have presbyopia, life is fraught with constraints and compromises that disrupt their daily activities. The condition becomes apparent when they realize that they have to adjust the position of books, newspapers or other reading material to be able to read them clearly or experience difficulty in focusing in low-light conditions.

“Starting around the age of 40, eyes gradually lose the ability to focus on nearby objects. In addition, most people by this time already have weaker long distance vision. This requires multiple vision correction ability in a single lens. Designed on the basis of Live Optics, Varilux® progressive lenses are tried and tested on real wearer’s and therefore guarantees optimal vision at any distance and allows the eye to transit smoothly and effortlessly from near-mid to far vision; this makes instant focus achievable for wearers simultaneously in different vision zones. Varilux® is constantly innovating according to the changing needs and lifestyle of wearers,” said Mr. Shivkumar J, CEO, Essilor India.

Whether you are reading up close, or working on a computer with a screen placed at an intermediate distance or trying to read a billboard hanging at a far distance, your eyes can transition smoothly between all requirements with Varilux® progressive spectacle lenses.

Mr. Ramchandran, Group COO, Essilor India Pvt. Ltd, said: “We are proud to have Mr. Ganguly on board as our brand ambassador for Varilux®. He is a typical Varilux® wearer, a stylish 40+ who is a leader and a game changer, he has not slowed down but continues to inspire his generation. With Varilux® lenses he can pursue his passions in life without any constraints of age or vision. At Essilor, we believe in constant evolution of technology as the needs of our eyes keep evolving. Along with providing the best technology-backed vision aids to consumers, our focus is also on providing personalized solutions adapted to each presbyope, and ensure the highest degree of productivity, convenience and efficiency for wearers”.

An organization that invests heavily in research and development, Essilor has pioneered several technology breakthroughs in the field of spectacle lenses and ophthalmology equipment over the past century.

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