VXVP Award Categories Are Out! Submit Your Entries Today!

Attention Middle East! VXVP award categories are out and you can submit your entries today! This time, the categories are much more interesting specially with the introduction of the new Galleria award! Prepare yourselves for some victory moments, everyone!

Vision-X VisionPlus Awards 2017 is here and you can now submit your entries! Click on this link to submit the entry online!

There are 17 awards that you all stand a chance to win. Entries can be submitted by the brand owners or their licensed distributors in the Middle East.

Vision-X VisionPlus

The products eligible for taking part in Vision-X VisionPlus Awards 2017 must have been introduced to the Middle East market only after September 01, 2016.

Are you excited? The categories for the Vision-X VisionPlus awards are as follows:


Best New Spectacle Frame (Luxury) VXVP-01

Individual models (Retail price > AED 4000)

Best New Spectacle Frame (Designer) VXVP-02

Individual models (Retail Price AED 1500 to AED 3999)

Best New Spectacle Frame (Niche) VXVP-03

Individual models (Retail Price > AED 1500 AED)

Best New Spectacle Frame (Popular) VXVP-04

Individual models (Retail price < AED 1499)


Best New Sunglass Model (Luxury) VXVP-05

Individual models (Retail price AED 4000)

Best New Sunglass Model (Designer) VXVP-06

Individual models (Retail price AED 3999)

Best New Sunglass Model (Niche) VXVP-07

Individual models (Retail price > AED 1500 AED)

Best New Sunglass Model (Popular) VXVP-08

Individual models (Retail price < AED 1499)


Best New Sports Eyewear VXVP-09

Sports Eyewear

Best New Children’s Eyewear VXVP-10

Children’s Eyewear


Most Popular Lens (Progressive)VXVP-11

Progressive Lens Most Popular Lens (Best Value) VXVP-12

Lenses offering best value proposition* to opticians

Most Popular Lens Coating/Value Add VXVP-13

Value addition coatings or innovations


Most Popular Ophthalmic Contact Lens VXVP-14

Powered Contact Lenses

Most Popular Coloured Contact Lens VXVP-15

Coloured Contact Lenses


Best Value Enhancer (Retail) VXVP-16

All instruments and equipment used at retail stores

Best Value Enhancer (Lab) VXVP-17

All instruments and equipment used at ophthalmic labs


Special Jury Award

Deserving initiative, product, service that may not have been covered above

Galleria Award

For an industry like eyewear, transparency is the biggest asset for a brand owner. The race is simply to provide the best to the end consumers. Every year, it has been a pleasure organising a grand ceremony for who’ve been trying hard to put their best product forward.

But isn’t a reward best received if it is in the form of direct appreciation? How would you like it, if you are given a chance to showcase your product at one of the biggest eyewear exhibition and get votes. This way, your product will speak for yourself and let’s face it, being nominated for a display at the Vision-X is an achievement in itself. Your own small stage! So for you to win in a fair light, we bring you the GALLERIA AWARD, this year!

The first day of Vision-X exhibition will have a “Vision-X ‘Galleria’ Podium” which will display the nominated products from this category. People visiting the exhibition will be invited to vote for their most liked product and the results will be announced next day at the grand ceremony!

So what are you waiting for? Submit your entries TODAY!

Last date for the entries: August 7th, 2017


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