WooDone Introduces Fienum

The manual application of real dried blades of hay onto the frame makes Fienum one of the masterpieces of the new Nature Collection 

The WooDone Nature Collection  comprises all those special variants created by WooDone down through the years: unique treatments for applying to any basic model. Among these, the glittery Bling finish or Ulmus, the version that Fear_FIENUM_defmakes use of real Wych Elm leaves to clad each piece of eyewear and the latest releases Fienum, Roses and Viöl respectively covered in hay, roses and violets.

Hay, Roses and Violets are the flowers chosen by WooDone for this delicate and colourful edition. This treatment consists in the manual application of real dried flowers and blades of hay onto the frame.

Indeed, it is necessary to wait for nature to complete its cycle so that we can pick flowers at the right time; then we need to dry them and choose the best ones for application to each individual frame, until it is completely covered. It takes 75 manual operations to complete a WooDone eyewear model, amounting to over 4 hours. A truly painstaking job. These are the factors making each frame so special and so precious.


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