2014 CHOPARD Optical Collection – Symbolising Elegance And Luxury

The new CHOPARD eyewear collection features an acetate frame available in a variety of colours and is inspired by Imperiale timepieces

The 2014 CHOPARD Optical Collection confirms the link between the Maison’s eyewear and its fine jewellery and timepiece lines, reproducing and reinventing their iconic concepts with creativity and originality.

chopard vchi141
The front piece of the eyewear is decorated with a metal bar set with 72 crystals

The 2014 eyewear offers elegant and luxurious glasses produced with superior precision. The high quality of the materials used call to mind the painstaking work of the finest goldsmiths and jewellers. Each pair of CHOPARD glasses is the result of a careful study and an elaborate manufacturing process executed entirely by hand. All the models are plated in 23 kt gold. The metal details, the trims, the end pieces and the temples are obtained through the milling and precision casting processes usually employed by goldsmiths and jewellers.

Women’s Collection

Many leitmotifs inspire the 2014 CHOPARD Optical Collection for Women, first and foremost the flower featured on the pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets of the Imperiale jewellery collection. The flower is reinterpreted in this optical collection, transforming the eyewear into veritable jewels adorning the wearer’s face. The ornamental crown of the Imperiale timepieces, instead, provide the inspiration for the hinges set with crystals in a variety of colours.

Happy Diamonds, another iconic CHOPARD theme, is reinterpreted in a new key, with a decorative metal core featuring movable crystals inserted in the temples. The metal structure of the all-over Happy Sport logo is transformed and combined with coloured glazing to recreate the effect of stained glass.

VCH141S col. D80

The collection features an acetate model available in black, tortoise shell, blue/turquoise, cyclamen and ivory, and inspired by the Imperiale timepieces. The front piece is decorated with a metal bar set with 72 crystals. The cylindrical hinge, instead, is obtained by precision casting, while the CHOPARD logo is embossed on the temples.



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