Amaze With Arcadio's Range Of Premium Sunglasses

Arcadio launches its exclusive range of premium sunglasses in Chennai

ARCADIO's collection
Arcadio collection

AIMZ SPECTRUM Private Limited – a Chennai based eye-wear company held the global launch of Arcadio – their brand of premium sunglasses in Chennai. Arcadio eye-wear has also been awarded the number one position under the Best Unisex Optical Frame category in the prestigious VisionPlus Awards, 2014. Brand Arcadio managed to achieve the honour within two years of its launch trampling much experienced competitors.

Optical Frames

Ever since its inception, Arcadio frames have been the choice of those seeking quality what with their wide range of unisex spectacle frames. The brand has laid emphasis on offering refreshing designs and colors. Every Arcadio eye-wear promises to have been crafted with impeccable finesse and precision.

Optical frames
Arcadio optical frames

Arcadio’s 2014 Optical Frame Collection is nothing short of path-breaking. It features an exquisite range of pieces bejeweled with exotic gems, an all-new peerless titanium collection, a stunning series of carbon fibre models and magnificent handmade acetate frames. The collection also includes an eye-catching range of half-frame, full-frame and rimless models all of which provide options to be fitted with single vision or bifocal lenses.

Arcadio boasts of more than 100 attractive models in multiple colour options.

Arcadio sunglasses


Arcadio is all set to introduce its sensational range of sunglasses. The premium range of sunglasses has been created upon identifying the huge gap between premium international brands and domestic brands. Their efforts are to combine the best of both worlds and offer sunglasses that are at par with premium international brands in quality with extremely aggressive pricing.

Arcadio’s sensational range of sunglasses is strikingly unique in style and colour – suitable for all age groups. The unisex range of sunglasses especially caters to the fashion conscious consumers who seek premium sunglasses with trendy designs at reasonable prices. Arcadio sunglasses are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities by using premium raw materials, best of workmanship under stringent quality control measures.

Multi-vision solution
Multi-vision solution package

Multi-vision Solution

Arcadio’s constant endeavour  has been customer convenience. Spectacle users are deprived of polarised sunglasses while out in the harsh sun. To watch 3D TV or 3D movies the 3D glasses have to be worn over the normal ones, which is very cumbersome to say the least. In an effort to alleviate these difficulties, Arcadio has invented a revolutionary product called the Multi-Vision Solution.

The Multi-Vision Solution package includes an exclusively designed high-end titanium frame suitable for both single vision and bifocal power. In addition to the spectacle frame, there are 3 clip-ons in this premium package which includes:

  • Polarized clip-on to prevent the eyes from harmful light, ultraviolet radiation and cuts off mirage effect.
  • 3D clip-on to watch 3D cinema, 3D television and to view books/magazines with 3D content.
  • Night vision clip-on to see under low light conditions and object enhancement for night driving and for sports activities in low lighting conditions.
Contact lens case dispenser
Arcadio contact lens cases

Contact Lens Case

Arcadio’s novel range of contact lens cases comes in attractive shapes, designs and colours. The case has an ergonomically designed space for the contact lens, solution container, mirror and lens picker; all of which match the attractive outer shape and design. There are over 30 different models in shapes of butterflies, flowers, animals and birds, basketball, football, etc.


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