Bend It Like WooDone!

WooDone presents a brand new innovation in the eyewear sector – a unique treatment that makes it possible to bend and adjust the wood of the frames!

Piegare-Foto2At Mido14, WooDone will be introducing a world first in the field of wooden frames. The company from South Tyrol has developed a special glue to bend wooden frames so they can be perfectly adjusted without breaking. Applied between the layers of wood that constitute each WooDone frame, when warmed this glue makes it possible to adjust the wood to improve the fit and general comfort of the frames. When the necessary adjustments have been made, all it needs is some time to cool down the frames so they maintain their shape,and that’s it!


Bending a pair of wooden WooDone glasses is very simple.

  • Heat the glasses at 150° for around 20-30 seconds so the wood becomes flexible and soft.
  • Carefully bend the arms or front − following the grain of the wood − to obtain the desired shape and
  • Finally, cool under cold running tap water

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