Blackfin Ready With Its Summer 2015 Sunglasses Collection

Blackfin brings the latest Sunglasses collection for the Summer 2015 with mirrored and graduated-tint lenses; promising to keeping up with the likes of the latest trends

BF732 Eagle
BF730 Pearson

This summer 2015, the Italian originated Blackfin comes up with tools for the summer with its new eyewear collection of spectacular sunglasses that range in lenses to shapes and as well in colours, giving ample variety to choose from. Keeping the trend alive and still being distinctive, the collection portrays mirrored lenses in a sizzling array of colours, from blue to gold, from orange to silver, or graduated-tint lenses in brown, grey or blue to add that extra touch of energy to the frame.

The rounded shapes of models BF717 Ardee, BF732 Eagle and BF725 Bayview, the angular lines of models BF718 Cleveland and BF729 Shanks and the panto shape of BF730 Pearson take on a whole new personality. Top quality titanium and beta titanium frames, 100% made in Italy, are perfectly paired with lenses in a dynamic interplay of colour and contrast, for eyewear that marries high-tech engineering with all the style of contemporary design.

BF718 Cleveland
BF729 Shanks

With the traditional Blackfin signature style, the designs of this collection too does not fall behind on embodying the styles of those who are always on the forefront, thus giving them a contemporary and cutting-edge image. This collection for the Summer 2015, Blackfin claims the ideal accessory of the long and hot summer days with a gamut of shades that are promising to go in the must-have list of the fashion-conscious!


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