Crystal Appliqué: Silhouette’s best-guarded secrets

The brilliance of any crystal is determined by its cut – as well as how it is applied. For only perfect processing will guarantee long-term enjoyment and passion.

Crystal_Appliqué_4This is why Silhouette has developed a unique technique guaranteeing that the crystalline fire on the models of the Crystal Collection holds permanently: Crystal Appliqué is a technique for applying perfectly cut crystals onto eyewear by hand, giving them long-lasting, one-of-a-kind, magical charm.

A true crystalline fire is ignited by the hundreds of tiny crystals set into the eyewear to form a glamorous sea of crystals. Only Silhouette masters this specially developed technique, in which each crystal is anchored onto the location intended for it.

Crystal Appliqué is among Silhouette’s best-guarded secrets, for this technique makes each pair unique.

Every crystal is individually placed by hand – regardless of whether the crystal is just 1-mm small – as is the case with the smallest Xilion Chaton – or 8 x 4mm – as is the case with the Navette Flat Back crystal. Perfection applies both to the cut of the crystals as well as to the processing of all models of the Silhouette Crystal Collection. Every pair becomes a one-of-a-kind item with its perfectly cut and hand-placed crystals.

The smallest crystals have a diameter of 1 mm. Hundreds of them are applied by hand using a magnifying glass. The larger crystals are also placed with the same precision, although without a magnifying glass.

The Crystal Appliqué technique – regardless of the size of the crystal – is also done by hand with the highest levels of perfection and precision.

Crystal_Appliqué_2With Crystal Appliqué, up to 45-minutes of hand craftsmanship is needed to place the perfectly cut crystals onto the temples and sides of the eyewear, allowing them to shine – just like the women who wear them.

A cool hand, a good eye and a high level of concentration are the basic requisites to Crystal Appliqué. There are only a handful of specially trained experts in the world who have mastered this technique – and they are at Silhouette’s Austrian facility.

The crystals are applied to the eyewear by hand and with great love for detail. And there’s another well-guarded secret that allows them to keep their fire lit forever: an adhesive whose special recipe was developed with Silhouette. It is perfect for supporting the crystals’ sparkle and makes it possible to place them where they can best show their fire: on the rimless models of Silhouette’s Crystal Collection.

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