Elle's Spring/Summer Eye-wear Collection

The international eye-wear brand fuses its French heritage and style to offer fashionable looks for smart, elegant and contemporary women

EL14800-BR-cat-highElle’s designs are aimed at the confident and feminine woman who loves the latest in fashion, which she successfully interprets with her own unique flair. The ELLE sunglasses collection is a fashionable array of chic feminine sunglasses that are high-quality and comfortable with a reasonable pricing.

The women’s styles are inspired by nature and the alluring contours of the female form.


The designs feature feline fronts, polished surfaces and elegant metallic details. Other styles are led by the flow of women’s clothing with asymmetric tailoring driving square and hexagonal frame fronts, geometric accents or tapered and indented temples.

The variations in colour are stylish too, with shades like fiery red, emerald blue, auburn, fresh pink and purple adorning each of these models.

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