Etnia Barcelona – Paris-Tokyo Collection

Etnia Barcelona is an independent brand of glasses known for being the most creative and colourist in the international optical sector.

PRESSRELEASEpartokENG-9The company is made up by a team of young creative and entrepreneurial workers who, thanks to the full stylistic freedom that they are given, provide the brand with its own identity, placing it on the borders of the fashion, art and design sectors.

Etnia Barcelona, with a captivating personality, intends to be the groundbreaking brand in the international optical sector, with radical colourimetry as its differential element. To do so, it controls the entire creation and production process, without overlooking any details and even designing its own colours with the aid of a partner in Milan that manufactures them on an exclusivity basis.

Paris – Tokyo collection

During a journey between Paris and Tokyo, the design department of Etnia Barcelona came up with the idea to create an atypical and advanced model of glasses. The intention was to pay tribute to fashion and technology, merging both fields and bringing them to reality in a collection of sun glasses that will show the essence of the brand.

The idea was about moving forward, travelling, choosing between living in the past or accepting that the moment to live the future had come.

PRESSRELEASEpartokENG-10Why Paris – Tokyo?

PARIS – Fashion

Colour: We create our own colour trends’ panels for our collections.

The combinations: Matte, translucent, shiny finishes… We make the combinations in line with trends, ready-to wear and major fashion signatures.

TOKYO – Technology

THe best lenses: We have chosen the best lenses in the world.

Best flex hinge: Developed in line with the present one, but seeking greater hardness.

Innovation: Numerical control colour laminates + ultrasound, affording finishes endowed with great precision and very high quality.

The Concept

Paris-Tokyo consists of three unisex models, each one bearing the flight number of an airline that operates the Paris-Tokyo route.

Nipon Airlines. 406

Air France. 206

Japan Airlines. 280

PRESSRELEASEpartokENG-16Flight NH206

The NH206 (Nipon Airways) is inspired from the 80s ‘screen’ models and features a futuristic style.

Flight AF280

The AF280 (Air France) is a model rooted in 60s, Yoko Ono style influences.

Flight JL406

The JL406 (Japan Airlines) features the most hipster design of all with its ‘rock star’ look.



Color Concept X 46

Designed by Etnia Barcelona in Milan’s Mazzucchelli acetate factory following a painstaking colour selection which has given rise to a “rainbow” range with a futuristic outlook.

The colour of the uppermost line is produced by means of a manufacturing technology that allows to laminate curved acetate.





PRESSRELEASEpartokENG-28Lenses & Filters

The lenses of the Etnia Barcelona glasses are the best lenses available (polarised or HD vision). Mineral lenses manufactured by Barberini in Italy, with state-of-the-art technology and using materials made of natural crystals. They are resistant to impacts,
to static electricity and cannot be scratched.

They are also perfectly resistant to very high temperatures, guarantee maximum UV protection, reduce reflections and provide higher vision comfort and quality than any other conventional lenses.



PRESSRELEASEpartokENG-29The Artist

The creator of the image of the Paris-Tokyo collection is the renowned contemporaneous Japanese artist and photographer Nobuyoshi Araki. He himself carried out the customisation of the new collection, providing an artistic and irreverent view that will not disappoint anyone.

Nobuyoshi Araki Nobuyoshi Araki was born in Tokyo in 1940. At twelve years old, his dad gave him a camera and since then, he hasn’t stopped taking pictures of everything that has caught his attention. Through the years, the Nobuyoshi Araki world wide influence has increased, despite the fact that, specially in Japan, many of the pictures of his private life have been restricted by its high erotic content. Nowadays, the artist has published over 350 books which embody his work and his trajectory is summarized on the Arakimentari documentary, performed in 2005 by Travis Klose.

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