Götti Switzerland's Autumn 2013 Collection

The latest collection from götti Switzerland is causing a sensation with ultra-thin acetate glasses and three-dimensional surfaces.



Extra-thin acetate eyeglasses are a special highlight this autumn. The aesthetic of these new models resembles frames made from titanium, making them a true novelty. The newtitanium models with their three-dimensional surfaces and super-flat acetate temples enchant more than just those who love detail. More colourful than autumn itself – featuring intense, saturated colours, the new collection from götti SWITZERLAND is easily able to compete with the most beautiful autumn. Who do you think will win?

Surprising features

Bright and cheerful

The retro-inspired shapes feature surprising three-dimensionally milled
sides and temples that grow lighter diagonally. Through special milling,
the light, otherwise hidden in the inside of the eyeglasses effectively
emerges, causing warm, autumn colors, like orange, turquoise and
purple, to shine.

Born to be a Novum

The new acetate glasses wi th stunning li ghtness
Strong shapes with an ultra elegant, wafer-thin finishing. That is the
approach designer Sven Götti has taken with his new acetate models.
The elegance of these models is created with 3D milling, which conjures
up the light inner life of these frames, lending them their unique
character. These models will be known to have exciting style elements.

A Subtle Kind of Coolness

Not just for historians


With their elegant, round shapes and filigree details, the titanium models, AVALDI andAUGUST, lead the pack when it comes to a subtle kind of coolness. These models are enticingly light and delight with a playful acetate inner ring.

Exciting Surfaces

A surface can also be enchanting

With these two frame models, Sven Götti focused on a breathtaking,
three-dimensional surface. The two titanium models, combined ultraflat
acetate frames, keep dreariness at bay with their intense, saturated

Strong & Charismatic

Impressive and clearly defined

Strong in character, is the best way to describe the new NAPOLI and
NOELLE titanium models. The shapes are clearly defined and the
somewhat wider temple lends the sporty style of these glasses that
certain chic that one has come to expect from götti SWITZERLAND.
The saturated, matte colors here are also impressive, starting with a
mystical violet and ranging to sensational petrol. These models are
sure to attract admiring looks.

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