Hand Painted With Glossy: New Eyewear Collection From OKIA

The eyewear uses HDA® Technology to realise any graphic or painting style on the acetate frames

Hand painted with glossy
From the Hand Painted with Glossy collection

‘Hand Painted with Glossy’ is the name of the latest, extraordinary HDA® collection launched by OKIA.

Thanks to the evolution of the patented HDA® Technology, this unique collection brings eyewear design to a new, limitless level: each frame design becomes an art piece through the combination of hand painted graphics with glitter materials.

Any kind of hand painted pattern – such as flowers, stars or geometrical shapes – can be showed on the acetate temples with an extremely vivid effect and in different glitter colours, according to the individual taste of each customer.

HDA® Technology is already widely renowned as a technology that allows the realisation of unlimited colours and lifelike patterns on acetate frames. ‘Hand Painted with Glossy’ has been specifically conceived to express the potential synergy between this technology and art: through HDA® Technology OKIA can realise any graphic or painting style on acetate, the only limitation is your imagination!


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