In the autumn, Rodenstock is expanding its correction spectacles portfolio by 16 new models.

A classic reinterpreted – now it’s getting colourful!

Classic can be very exciting – which is proven by the new correction frames from Rodenstock. The look is professional and elegant, but there is always a twist. Contrasts between matt and shiny, multilayer acetate, varied colours and material combinations ensure a newly interpreted, classical appearance that will prevail not only in the office.

High-tech retro concept – the mix does it 

Current shapes with a great deal of retro charm – that is what distinguished the spectacles in the high-tech retro line, which is being expanded by four models. Unisex frames are also included for the first time. With its front made of patterned acetate and sides with just a single colour, model R 5274 is a real eye-catcher among the new additions. The transition from the sides to the metal front gives a unique look to this gem with its material mix.

Flex hinge concept – flexibility and chic comfort

Wearing spectacles has never been so comfortable! Who wouldn’t want a frame that adapts ideally to the ergonomics of the wearer and is light as a feather at the same time?2 Through the spring integrated in the sides, the spectacles nuzzle up against the shape of your head perfectly and are highly flexible. Besides the convincing technology, model R 5276 from the Flex Hinge line is captivating because of the workmanship of the multilayer acetate, which is either contrasting or tone-in-tone depending on the choice of colour. Especially in the contrasting version, the different acetate layers and colours provide a discrete colour highlight and an extremely feminine look. Slightly rounded lens shapes and flowing lines emphasise the effect even more.Colorado concept – intensive colours

The second generation of the Colorado spectacles also provides a thrilling range of colours. There is a choice of two new models in eight intensive colours inspiring completely new colour blocking possibilities, for example with model R 5273 in bright red. The coloured frames are given depth through a transparent acetate layer.

Cylinder hinge concept – for the flexible ones

The four models of this new line win over with a functional design and a new hinge and sides concept. The sides of high-tech poly-amide forgive any twisting and bending, and the cylinder hinge provides the best stability. The front made of metal and the poly-amide sides are designed in different colours, which provide either a striking or discrete colour flair depending on the version. The material mix of metal on the front and polyamide on the sides create a sporty, purist look. Depending on the model, the spectacles in this line are available in four lively colour combinations.

The new correction spectacles portfolio is available in Germany effective immediately.

Time to Stand Up for Colour!

Rodenstock starts with 17 new sunglasses in the late summer.

The new Rodenstock sunglasses collection wins over with current trends and successful technical refinements. Fans of the colourful Colorado and Cube Hinge frames from the April collection can now look forward to the equally stylish counterparts as sunglasses when the sun shines. There is a choice of a total of eight new models for women, six for men and three unisex variations.

Colorado concept – sunny outlooks for trendsetters

Young, colourful and stylish – this refers not only to the spectacles in the Colorado line, but the style of their wearers as well. Frames R 3255 and R 3256 put the flair of the 60s and 70s back onto the faces of the ladies. Transparent plastic, progressive tint lenses and six extraordinary colours provide the lightness of model R 3255. The large-framed shapes 1and three-dimensional design of the front make the frame into an elegant companion, which is sure to have pleased any disco queen back then. Model R 3256, however, reinterprets the classic of the ladies of the 60s: the cat eye shape. Transparent plastic, a freshened up front and six different colours make these frames into an ideal accessory, not only for a rockabilly or mad men motto party. Model R 1386 is very feminine and is presented with a thrilling material mix.

The frame, which is mainly made of metal, creates striking high-lights of plastic and is captivating with a very exceptional two-tone look.

Globe Hinge concept – ultra-thin, ultra-light

Anyone who appreciates exceptional lightness will love model R 1392 for ladies and R 1396 for men, which are made of thin, only 0.5 mm spring steel. Decorative openings in the hinge area emphasise the very purist look of the modern frames. The Globe Hinge concept is integrated in the frame equally as a functional and design element. Depending on the variation, coloured end pieces in coral or blue create a fresh yet discrete colour flair.

Cube Hinge – for minimalists

Unisex frames look good on slender face shapes in particular. The design of the front and lens shape of R 3259 and R 3260 are matched perfectly to that type of face. With the colouring in a matt look, these models are true eye-catchers and are available in four colourful and four classical colours – for any style and any mood. Besides the very effective design, the hinge of the Cube Hinge series ensures that the spectacles sit optimally and fit perfectly.

The new sunglasses collection is available in Germany effective immediately.

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