JF Rey JF2929: Innovative and Unexpected

JF Rey surprises with this new concept JF2929 equipped with an unpublished double hinge on the temples

JF Rey presents new, technical and very ingenious mechanism especially designed to seduce (and surprise) fans of innovative products and high-tech gadgets.

Designing technical pleasure

Sophistication, elegance… and high technicality. This new concept in stainless steel was especially designed for men, demanding fans of innovations and new high-tech gadgets. Its particularity is in the innovative and ingenious design of a double hinge articulated on the temples.

The apparent simplicity of the design conceals a complex and highly technical mechanism designed to create a surprise effect on the use. It consists of very thin pieces of metal that interlock with the temple by inspiring from the structure of ceramic watch bracelets. The aesthetic of the model is appreciated in the colour details and the addition of thin coloured metal pieces on the front that create a subtle graphic effect and bring an exquisite touch of sophistication.

The use of colour is remarkable, drawing from a refined masculine repertoire where khaki, burgundy, navy blue or ruthenium perfectly pairing with bright hues into tasteful contrasts. A genuine technical pleasure where the frame cleverly becomes a men’s jewel.


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