JOOP! Sunglasses collection 2013/2014

Sunglasses are without a doubt the most favorite accessory for the summer: Mirrored lenses, neon colours and transparency styles are the fashion edicts of the coming season.

The JOOP! sunglass collection for men and women offers a wide choice of modern looks as well as sophisticated design in the brand’s unmistakable, pure style.

Women´s Sunglasses

PR-JOOP!-A_W_Sun_2013-engl-2Transparent (Mod. 87174)

Favorite for your sunglass collection: Exquisitely designed sunglasses in the trendy see-through look with lilac coloured front and transparent temples with delicately mottled pattern. Available in three soft, summery shades: Transparent lilac (Col. 6724), transparent brown on light green (Col. 6725), transparent grey-brown on blue (Col. 6726).

PR-JOOP!-A_W_Sun_2013-engl-3Mirror, Mirror… (Mod. 87180)

No longer just for men but now also a must-have for women: Sunglasses with mirrored lenses. This model in dark olive boasts lemon coloured highlights. Available in the following colours: Purple/red (Col. 6710), blue on brown (Col. 6711), dark olive on green (Col. 6730).

Extravagant Look (Mod. 87170)


For an even more exciting look: JOOP! sunglass highlight in a soft shade of brown with XXL-lenses and exceptional design language. Available in three colours: Gradient brown (Col. 6716), gradient grey (Col. 6715) and gradient cream (Col. 6717).

Men´s Sunglasses

PR-JOOP!-A_W_Sun_2013-engl-5Mirrored lenses (Mod. 87169)

A fashion upgrade for every outfit: Powerfully trendy sunglasses in a casual look with mirrored lenses and made of high quality matt acetate in a cool shade of deep blue (Col. 6631). Also available in more subtle shades of dark brown/black (Col. 6629) and dark grey/black (Col. 6630).

PR-JOOP!-A_W_Sun_2013-engl-6Heady view (Mod. 87176)

Trendy men’s sunglasses in a captivating colour combination of havanna and neon green. Small studs on the front provide a retro touch – reminiscent of the Wayfarer style. Also available in a subtle combination of havanna and light brown (Col. 6729) and in a unisex version of havanna and apricot (Col. 6727). (Mod. 87343)

PR-JOOP!-A_W_Sun_2013-engl-7Finest Selection (Mod. 87343)

Must-have for men: Aviator style sunglasses in a crossover of metal and acetate. Silver and blue are perfectly matched for an unbeatable cool look. Available in the following colours: Silver/blue (Col. 100), matt black/gold (Col. 610), ruthenium (Col. 650).

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