LuluCastagnette Celebrates Spirit of Liberty With New Eyewear

The French company LuluCastagnette brings another eyewear model LEAA074C11 for its little female fans with designing that is playful and filled with childlike innocence


The newest design of LuluCastagnette resembles an invitation to a world full of freshness with the sight of bright colours of joy. The shape is both technically advanced and trendy. Metal motifs and Liberty-style print on the temples make this the summer’s “must-have” model. With its availability of different colours namely, C11 Pink, C14 Red and C68 Purple, the French brand has made sure that no stones are left unturned to keep the colour quotient at its maximum and the summer freshness alive to keep up with the energy level of the on-going trend.

Targeting the tiny tots from 4 to 7 years age of pretty girls, the icing on the cake of the model LEAA074C11 is a small flower that is cleverly and delicately set on the end-piece. Adding level of comfort and ensuring a long lasting spectacle, the frame of this newest addition is fitted with OBE Uno flexible hinges which is best suited for children eyewear, thus making it fuss-free. Founded in 1996, LuluCastagnette has been consistent on its path to win the hearts of adolescents with its range of playful designs that cater to the comfort zone, playful and easy to wear styles of consumers. With its latest addition, LuluCastagnette has made sure every little girl will adore them!

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