Mad In Italy's Vantage Collection

The Italian brand’s quirky take on eye-wear takes a new turn with its new collection – Vantage



The brand’s notion of ‘doing things artfully’ combined with cutting-edge technological skills have produced 12 refined, original eye-wear models.

Adda and Olona are two new models for women with glamorous colours, that fir comfortable on the face. The ‘MAD Easy Hinge’ provides the frames with ultralight weight and flexibility. Noce is a mix of technology and colours. A round acetate front features a mixture of havana shades, fitted with special nose pads that provide comfort and flexibility.


Brenta sports coloured temples that are enhanced further by the polishing effect, while Piave is a men’s style that combines design aesthetics with technological creativity with the ‘MAD Flex Hinge’.

The Sesia, Adige and Tanaro are stylish new entrants to the family, that sport vintage shapes enhanced by a new flex rollaway hinge, and front rims covered in fabric, acetate or leather.

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