Maui Jim Launches Its Hana Hou Collection

Classical in appearance but contemporary intechnology, Maui Jim’s latest offering, Hana Hou, is a design inspired by vintage classics

Maui-Jim-HS292-16CQAptly called Hana Hou, a Hawaiian phrase implying ‘do it again’ or ‘one more time’, Hana Hou is an ideal choice for consumers with a love for classic, vintage sunglass styles.

This round, vintage-inspired frame combines a popular eyewear shape from years ago with Maui Jim’s patented PolarizedPlus2 lens technology.

“Trends are abound as far as fashion accessories and utility products are concerned. But there are certain vintage styles that never lose their charm, be it 1950 or 2015.


There is a dedicated set of customers who just love anything classic and wait for our next vintage inspired design. For these set of people, Hana Hou will certainly be a delight,” says I Rahumathullah – Managing Director, Maui Jim India.

Like all other Maui Jim sunglasses, Hana Hou too comes with the patented PolarizedPlus2 color-infused lens technology that wipes out 99.9% of glare, 100% of harmful UV and boosts colour via specially designed lens treatments.

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