MYKITA Spring Summer 2013 collection

MYKITA-New-Collections_EN-2For the Cosmopolitan Vanguard

A distinct double-bridge is the standout element of models DASH and HUNTER. Accentuated in gleaming gold, the bridge detail provides a sharp contrast to the vivid colours of the season: Coral Red,Burgundy, Opal, International Blue and Jet Black give these signature pieces extra verve.

Models: DASH & HUNTER | Collection: DECADES SUN | Material: Stainless Steel Colours: Gold/Opal, Gold/Coral Red, Gold/Burgundy, Gold/International Blue,Gold/Jet Black. Gold/Basalt

MYKITA-New-Collections_EN-3Sky’s the limit

MYKITA’s long-standing experience in the design of aviator frames is given a new lease of life in the MYLON sunglasses collection: The material’s potential for unlimited shaping is manifest in model ATLAS. It combines the smooth look and feel of a beach pebble with all the telltale details of classic pilot shape – the fashionable evergreen in eyewear.

Model: ATLAS | Collection: MYKITA MYLON | Material: Mylon
Colours: Pitch Black, Crimson Red, Peat Brown, Storm Grey, Lagoon Green

MYKITA-New-Collections_EN-6A future Cateye

The cut out contours of model IO are made possible due to the unique MYKITA MYLON production process and furnish these frames with a futuristic cateye aesthetic, while setting a new benchmark in the field of eyewear design.

Model: IO | Collection: MYKITA MYLON | Material: Mylon
Colours: Pitch Black, Crimson Red, Peat Brown, Imperial Purple, Ocean Blue

MYKITA-New-Collections_EN-5A sporting look

MYKITA’s summer season features a fusion of 1930s and 1970s styling elements for a sporting, vintage look. The design is in accordance with the ”form follows function”  principle; the bridge adds structural stability while also comprising the critical styling element for that sporting look.

Models: WYNONA & CYRIL | Collection: NO2 SUN | Material: Acetate
Colours: Black, Tobago, Tortuga, Taupe, Chocolate Chip, Misty green, Ruby Red

MYKITA-New-Collections_EN-8Oval is the new black

Leading the trend this season is the oval shape,as inspired by the 1920s and 30s. The delicate AKI model is a perfect representation of the design principles of the ultra-light LITE series, combining MYKITA’s state-of-the-art eyewear concept with an all-time classic oval shape.

Model: AKI | Collection: LIGHT | Material: Stainless Steel
Colours: Black, Glossy Gold, Shiny Silver

MYKITA-New-Collections_EN-7Back to the future

Ultra light, durable and incredibly flexible are the distinctive properties that set the patented material of all MYKTA MYLON glasses apart. In the case of sunglasses model ORION, these aspects come in the shape of classic round contours with a double arc bridge adding a striking design element.

Model: ORION | Collection: MYKITA MYLON | Material: Mylon
Colours: Ocean Blue, Jade Green, Pitch Black, Crimson Red, Peat Brown, Storm Grey


The two balloon-style frames EGON and EMIL are setting new standards while breaking with established eyewear conventions. The artistic onus here is on exaggeration; the supersized frame lines resemble the work of contemporary artists Jeff Koons and Erwin Wurm and trigger associations ranging from ‘bold type’ to ‘swimming ring’.

Models: EGON & EMIL | Collection: NO2 SUN | Material: Acetate
Colours: Misty Green, Misty Blue, Black, Taupe, Puddle

MYKITA-New-Collections_EN-4A dapper look for the sophisticated

The double-bridge, featured in model DANTE & CORRADO is a small detail, with significant impact. Originally added to provide additional stability, it has a long tradition in the performance and aesthetic of sportive eyewear design, always lending its wearer an unmistakable air of sophistication.

Models: DANTE & CORRADO| Collection: DECADES | Material: Stainless Steel
Colours: Gold/Burgundy, Silver/Basalt, Jet Black


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