Nature Takes Shape On The New Mad Fun Frames

MAD IN ITALY is introducing five new models as well as three MAD FUN frames at OPTI 2015


Nature’s creative impulse has left its mark on the new models in the MAD IN ITALY collection. With its three brands, MAD UP, MAD FUN and MAD IN ITALY, Vista Eyewear has rewritten the style of eyeglasses. At OPTI 2015, in addition to five new MAD IN ITALY models, three MAD FUN frames will be presented, that have been conceived exclusively for women with strong personalities.

The distinctive element is colour, presented in all of its liveliest shades. The three models, two with front face in metal (Edera and Giglio) and one in acetate (Girasole), capture attention with the chromatic effects of the temples, produced with multicolour gluing that creates original contrasts ‘stolen’ from nature: butterfly wings, tropical fish, rare flowers and bird feathers represent the source of inspiration for this unusual palette of tones.

The leitmotiv of the collection reflects the company’s slogan: ‘the madness of being oneself.’ Nature isn’t afraid to show its authenticity and appear as it really is. Colour is not a reason for discrimination, but to the contrary, represents a distinctive detail. Colours, shapes and details make every element unique on our planet, showing its surprising beauty. Just like a woman who chooses a MAD FUN frame: confident and bold, she feels that she can freely express herself, giving colour to her character.

An elegant design, very high quality materials and meticulous attention to detail are all factors that encompass the essential origin of the brand: production which reflects the authentic value of products Made in Italy.

Combinations of brilliant colours and soft and rounded forms make these models unique: Edera, Giglio and Girasole are available in 8 different colour versions. The models thus represent the perfect match between versatile style and a new form of femininity that finds its essence in the harmony of the surrounding world.


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