Okia Brings 'Geometric Mood' To New Collection

Okia brings out its new collection of eyewear range with ‘Solid Cool’ : Geometric Mood that will make one go swooning over these shades

Geometrics are an evergreen fashion trend that took to a fresh interpretation by Okia featuring ‘Solid Cool’ HDA® collection of sunglasses. Linear and circular cutting with stripes, squares, rectangles and circles, the collection is elegant yet doesn’t cut short on the modern touch!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Geometric inspires designers and often can be spotted on clothes and accessories that is developed with original silhouettes in the new exceptional HDA® concept named ‘Solid Cool’. As a result of the ongoing research and improvement of the patented HDA® Technology, this frame’s temples exhibit unique geometric lines that, combined with different gradient colours, create a sensational 3D and multi-layerd effect.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe perfect eyewear for a trendy and glamorous look, ‘Solid Cool’ is dedicated to those who love new ideas and new experiences. Blending elegance and modernity, it is the real must-have for the coming months, a proposal that catches the eye with its distinctive and contemporary style. With gold and silver lines in between the colour layers – realised through the application of SY materials – further makes the design even more prominent and adds a touch of refinement to this special frame by Okia.


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