Opal To Launch The Little ELEVENPARIS Eyewear Collection In May 2015

The collection will consist of both optical and sunglasses, and is inspired by the brand’s ready-to-wear collection

Little ELEVENPARIS Eyewear
The eyewear is aimed at both boys and girls, aged 7 to 11

The ELEVENPARIS eyewear collection for young adults has been such a success that a children’s collection was bound to follow. As one of the specialists in children’s eyewear, Opal was chosen as the manufacturer.

The first Little ELEVENPARIS eyewear collection will be launched in May 2015. It is aimed at both boys and girls, aged 7 to 11. Just like the ready-to-wear collection, the optical and sunglasses collection will surely have some real surprises in store…

Mini-Looks For Girls And Boys Aged 4-14

With their faux-classic air, given a lift by inspirations gleaned in the hipster neighbourhoods of Brooklyn, Berlin or Tokyo, the Little ELEVENPARIS eyewear collection offers children what they have always longed for: items borrowed from the grown-ups’ wardrobe, given a new twist and adapted especially for their cute little faces.

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