PALOMA: Henry Jullien’s New Eyewear Range

Henry Jullien, the renowned brand is up with its latest collection ‘PALOMA’ featuring a range of trend-setting classy optics

Paloma Models

For the modern women of today, Henry Jullien brings its latest bag of optic collection that has been named ‘PALOMA’, a strong personality defining spectacle range. The association of an acetate front and metal temples give the models its lightness, elegance and delicacy. Unique and distinctive, just like the women of today who love their choices and love their freedom is beautifully crafted and interpreted in the latest collection by this maestro of the eyewear industry.

The brand that was born in 1921 resembles and stays true to its mark of quality whilst giving a luxurious feel to the spectacle wearer. The collection is further enhanced with the availability of different colour options for consumers to choose according to their tastes and preferences. Featuring chic colours like black-raspberry and black-crystal, the models are embellished by fine and light metal temples that give the frames its originality.

rsz_henryjullien_paloma04_noir_-_framboiseStill run by descendants of the founder, Henry Jullien has a reputation for quality and craftsmanship that retains over 80 years of experience in the design and development of luxury eyewear. The latest range ‘PALOMA’ is available in 2 unique shapes, each having the choice of 3 colours featured in each frame for the wearer to choose from that best suits their style.

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