Robert De Niro Sports New Rye&Lye Sunglasses In "THE FAMILY"

The new Rye&Lye collection combines high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship

The collection is suitable for those who like style and attention to detail, without ever appearing brazen or over-the-top

The Rye&Lye collection, manufactured by Immagine 98, brings Italian craftsmanship to the world of eyewear and features distinctive pairings of materials: wood, aluminium, leather, rubber, carbon fibre, and fabric. The collection combines creativity and technology, the past and the future, and is designed for the wearer who makes mature choices.

Strengthening this bond between the past and the future, art and technology, are the frames from the collection. True to their craft, RYE&LYE creates unique  eyewear for those who want their style and attention to detail. With skillful artistry the style office, headed by Tiziano Tabacchi, wisely chooses and uses materials from the future, applying them to the classic shapes of eyewear.


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