Silhouette Atelier Collection: Rich In Tradition!

Silhouette Atelier Collection: a balance between beauty and luxury, as well as materials and precision craftsmanship that turns into masterpieces in terms of eyewear design

A piece of eyewear from the Silhouette Atelier Collection is as unique as its owner. The balance and beauty of clear lines merge with attention to detail, supreme craftsmanship and the finest materials: exclusive diamonds, gemstones in various colours, exquisite woods, and gold. The centerpiece of each model of the Silhouette Atelier Collection is made of 18-karat solid gold. The temples and bridge are always fashioned of white, yellow or rose gold.

The Atelier Collection:

Pure Art (G015): With 4 Baguette diamonds, available in 18kt yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.


Pure Deco (G016): With 6 onyx and 36 round brilliant-cut diamonds, available in 18kt yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.


Art Decoratif (G017): With 60 round brilliant-cut diamonds and 8 baguette diamonds, available in 18kt yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.


Pure Art (G005): 18kt rose gold polished.

Pure Art (G006): 18kt white gold polished.


Pure Art (G007): 18kt rose gold brushed, 12 brilliant diamonds- G/VS, 0.040 ct.


Pure Art (G008): 18kt yellow gold polished, 16 brilliant diamonds- G/VS, 0.150 ct.


Haute Joaillerie (Response Radiance): Gold and gemstones, combined with superlative artistry: the most luxurious item of art DE FLEUR G009 in our Atelier Collection features 72 hand-picked diamonds of Top Wesselton quality (GVS), precision set by our gem setter. In their midst is a dazzling cabochon-cut colored gemstone: a blue or pink sapphire or a ruby. Each piece of Haute Joaillerie eyewear is one of a kind, custom-made to client specifications.


About Silhouette: Every model is custom-made to client’s specifications in the Silhouette Studio. The materials are hand-picked and sourced exclusively from strictly controlled and certified suppliers.

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