Silicone And Colour : Presenting Shifters And Spokes, New Models From X-ide

X-IDE  unveils cutting-edge models that will grab everyone’s attention not only for the colour and material research applied to them but above all for the technical expertise and processing that has gone into them.

lowres-XIDE_Shifters_SpokesShifters and Spokes are the two new models that stand out for their innovative temples in silicone, a hypoallergenic, breathable and biocompatible material that is also very pleasant to the touch.

Shifters has a steel front, while Spokes has an acetate front to which a special varnish has been applied giving the frame an original and innovative ‘soft touch’ effect.

The silicone sheath applied to the temple provides an opportunity to explore one’s creativity and customise each model. Indeed, by twisting it you can change both the colour and shape of the temple.

This makes it possible to create different colour effects and, in fact, the same frame can boast multiple colours: the external colour of the sheath, the internal colour, alternating and multicolour effects by twisting the sheath for a fun candy-stick look. With the emphasis always on vibrant, fun hues. As is the X-IDE tradition. To be ‘eye-catching’ every day, with every look.


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