STEPPER Takes A Colourful Approach To Rimless Eyewear

The new rimless model from STEPPER has a titanium frame that weighs in at 3.8 gm

SI 93650
SI 93650

STEPPER rimless frames have always been elegant, timeless and classic. With the launch of the brilliant SI 93650, the company has now taken a colourful approach to eyewear frames.

The latest rimless frames are a vivid addition to the bestselling STEPPER rimless collection. They make a rich and striking statement and will create a visual interest in any frame display.

The super light titanium frame weighs only 3.8 gm, so light it sits almost unnoticed on the face. Comfort is enhanced as this rimless frame can be adjusted to maximise fit for the wearer.

These frames come in six wonderful colour variations and are a great accessory for those who use colour to express themselves.

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