The New High-Flyers By TITANflex®

The new collection from TITANflex® frames and sunglasses  uses carbon apart from titanium to create an even sportier eyewear design

The new collection from TITANflex®, the eyewear for men since 1988, uses carbon apart from titanium to create an even sportier eyewear design. Innovative features, new materials and improved technologies have been incorporated into TITANflex®’s new frames and sunglasses.

This collection is targeted at men, who are constantly looking at new goals and challenges such as Swiss aerobatic and racing pilot Vito Wyprächtiger. Apparently, Vito relies on the innovations of new TITANflex® models both in the air and on the ground. What attracts him to this brand is that it is sturdy and lightweight with an impressive design – a fact exemplified by the new models. TITANflex® frames and sunglasses are a must-have for every fashion-conscious man.


Carbon Collection by TITANflex®
When it comes to high strength paired with extreme lightness, carbon is the material of choice. TITANflex®’s ‘Modular Temple System’ (MTS) makes it possible to design new eyewear models that virtually offset the boundaries between practical functionality, high quality and aesthetic design. The frame temples are made of highly flexible plastic combined with ultra-light carbon. The new Carbon Collection impresses with a sporty, masculine look and an incredibly lightweight feel.


Special Edition by TITANflex®
Developed from BETA titanium, Special Edition models feature three-dimensional laser-cut frames. Despite their extremely light weight, the frames are highly resistant, incredibly flexible and have an impressively modern style.


The new sunglasses collection
TITANflex® sunglasses are a must-have for every fashion-conscious man. For the first time, acetate fronts have been combined with a highly flexible TITANflex® bridge to create a distinctive, modern look. The models with their trendy mirror effect are all the rage this summer and impress with their timeless design and clean, masculine style.


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