Turn Your Eyewear Into A Beautiful Painting With The 'Double Image' Collection By OKIA

The eyewear collection features beautiful 3D decorations that are a blend of different patterns and colours

Double Image_eyewear
The bottom and top layers of each frame feature a different graphic design

Why settle for a single eyewear decoration when you can have two in the same frame?

The new ‘Double Image’ collection launched by OKIA features an interesting blend of patterns and colours. Thanks to the application of double layers of High Definition Acetate, this collection creates surprising multi-layered patterns for a truly unique look.

The bottom and top layers of each frame feature a different graphic design, thus producing an overlapping visual effect which turns eyewear into a beautiful painting. The sunset of New York City or the bloom of a red rose: every frame from the ‘Double Image’ collection shows a spectacular and vivid 3D decoration, becoming a collectible treasure just like a work of art. Moreover, each layer’s pattern is highlighted by unexpected and brilliant colours that make the painting even more life-like.

Doube Image_okia
Application of double layers of High Definition Acetate creates multi-layered patterns in the eyewear

Always keeping close to its inner features – brightness, mirth, boldness and innovation – OKIA again showcases the creative possibilities offered by its HDA® Technology. ‘Double Image’ is a good mix of high technology and design, a romantic collection ideal for those who love telling a story through a simple accessory.


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