Essilor Makes Its Presence Felt With Four Awards!

The company won the Most Popular Lens (Progressive), Most Popular Lens (Best Value), Most Popular Lens Coating/Value Add and Best Value Enhancer (Lab) Awards

The Essilor team flaunts their awards with Saeed Emam
The Essilor team flaunts their awards with Saeed Emam

The very first edition of the Vision-X VP Awards – a joint initiative between VisionPlus Arabia Magazine and the organisers of Vision-X Dubai, aimed at recognising the best products in the optical industry, was held in a grand ceremony on 25th November, 2014, during the first day of the Vision-X trade show in Dubai. Introduced as a new concept, the awards received an overwhelming response in terms of participation from some of the leading brands in the optical industry across the globe. The awards were hosted amidst a lot of excitement and fun that filled the evening as the winner’s league of the optical industry could be seen gleaming with pride.

Essilor’s Varilux S Series won the award for Most Popular Lens (Progressive), while the Transitions Signature VII won the Most Popular Lens (Best Value) award. Its Crizal Forte UV and Mr Blue were voted the Most Popular Lens Coating/Value Add and Best Value Enhancer (Lab). The Essilor team was present on the occasion to receive the awards.

Varilux S series is the most advanced progressive lenses in the Varilux range. The lens has been created using the Nanoptix technology to ensure equilibrium in motion. With its Synchroneyes technology, the lens promises wide angle vision. Through a unique innovation process that involves Modelling, Human Research, Prototyping & Lab Measurement and Live Testing, the lens guarantees unlimited vision and wearer satisfaction. Sami Bakhache, Managing Director, said on winning the award, “This award is a product of our unwavering commitment: to improve all aspects of vision and protect it. This defines our vision for excellence. Essilor has devoted enormously to research and development and Varilux S Series benefits from its latest research. Created by using the latest advances in optics and the deep understanding of wearer’s physiology, VLX S Series is the most sophisticated visual solution available of the Varilux range. With these qualities in a lens, I am not surprised that it is the most popular progressive lens.”

Transitions Signature VII lenses with Crizal Forte UV technology provides double protection against UV and glare, and offers 25 times better eye protection. The lenses feature Chromea7, a 8-dye formulation that allows them to be highly responsive. The lenses offer the best combination of darkness, fast fade back speed and indoor clarity. The Crizal UV Broad Spectrum technology eliminates UV reflection while maintaining premium light transparency. The technology offers perfect clarity of vision and protects against scratches, smudges, dust, water and reflections. Fady Kamel, Key Accounts Manager, commented, “Transitions Signature VII, voted as the Most Popular Lens (Best Value)….not surprising. Like many of those who voted, I am convinced it is. I am very grateful that VisionPlus and Vision-X initiated this award. Who would not vote for this one dynamic lens that can automatically adjust from clear to dark and every shade in between? Transitions Signature VII is designed for the multitude of conditions that wearers experience. Simply put, Transitions lens adapt. Everyone deserves more than an ordinary clear lens. For the best value of your lens, get a real 2 in 1 lens — that’s Transitions Signature VII.”

Members of Essilor team receive the Vision-X VP Award (Most Popular Lens -Best Value) for Transitions Signature VII from Lucy McPhail, Group Sales Manager, Vision-X
Sami Bakhache, Nishan Kiroughlian and Emil Farra receive the Vision-X VP Award (Most Popular Lens – Best Value) for Transitions Signature VII from Lucy McPhail, Group Sales Manager, Vision-X

Crizal Forte UV offers the best E-SPF in the market for clear lenses. With an E-SPF of 25, it offers 25 times better protection to the eyes as compared to without any lens. It also protects your vision by offering maximum resistance against the five enemies of clear vision – smudges, scratches, dust, water drops and reflections. Nishan Kiroughlian, Marketing Manager, commented, “Everyone should be aware of the significance of protecting ourselves against UV rays. Our eyes are exposed to UV light every day of the year. While all lenses prevent transmission of UV rays hitting from the front side of the lens, Crizal Forte UV combines for the first time an exclusive backside UV protection with superior clarity of vision. Crizal Forte UV is always Essilor. Thanks to the Vision-X VP Awards for giving the eye care practitioners a voice. And thanks for voting for Essilor.”

Mr Blue provides fully automatic centring, waterless milling cycle, control of all finishes up to base 9, high base cycle (base 9) with frame base and curve angle acquisition, and 30° tool inclination. It has a built-in remote maintenance module, ultra-reactive touch screen, a library of shapes and drillings, and built-in accessory distributors that make things easier for the users. Emil Farra, Area Manager, said “We admit that we were a bit stunned when our name was called to the stage again for winning the Best Value Enhancer (Lab) Award. Without false modesty, I feel that other nominees are also worthy of this award as Mr Blue is still new to the market. However, I believe that Essilor is not just about lenses. Mr Blue is the ideal partner for modern workshop. It can trace all frames up to base 9. With its high quality cutting tools and calculation speed, it delivers outstanding first fit quality and finish. Basically, it makes the workshop process easier. Eye care professionals love to work with Mr Blue….that is why it is voted by so many.”

For the complete list of winners of the Vision-X VP Awards, click here.


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