J.F.Rey Awarded The Sunglasses Gold Award For The JFS 2559 Frame

The kings and queens of France no longer hold any secrets for the jury of the V.Award 2013, the famous international eyewear competition in Asia-Pacific, which awarded the Sunglasses Gold Award to the JFS2559 model.

lowres-JF2559-7777_img02The very fine metal lace pattern, highly symbolic of the history of France with its Fleur de Lys patterns, made it the focus of every attention at the Hong Kong Optical Fair (HKOF 2013), a wonderful international distinction for J.F.Rey and an opportunity to highlight the technological know-how and very distinctive creativity of J.F.Rey’s designers through this astonishing lace work.

The award was received with great pleasure by all the employees and the suppliers and factories in the Jura who were closely involved in this great aesthetic and technical challenge. A fine example of discreet, very French luxury, JFS2559 will once again put the successful Lace concept in the headlines.

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