MEI Introduces New Optical Scanning Device – Shape Finder 2.0

The Italian company enhances and quickens EzFit performance features through an innovative optical scanning device

Shape Finder 2.0 has been conceived to improve and complete the functionality of EzFit

MEI announces the release of Shape Finder 2.0, an optical scanning device conceived to improve and complete the functionality of EzFit, the compact edger based on milling technology and addressed to optical stores that was officially launched at Mido 2014.

Ezfit can now be equipped with Shape Finder 2.0 to prepare the edging process of sport and special lenses. This device is designed to be integrated into the MEI Tecnocam programming platform – installed in every MEI edger – and to avoid all standard camera-based units’ common errors. The camera lens set and the lighting system have been conceived to emphasize the edge profile in any kind of lens – clear or dark mirrored – and to eliminate the perspective effects and field distortions. The Tecnocam software installed in the EzFit machine interacts directly with Shape Finder 2.0 interface to align the lens and extract the different shapes, starting from the outer main shape and converting them into a standard TRX file.

Shape Finder 2.0 allows to shorten the time needed to import a sport lens shape dramatically, as well as to detect any hole in rimless demo lenses. The camera system gets a TRX or OMA file with a few very simple steps, reducing the need for edging tests and size and shape adjustments. Combining state-of-the-art optics and sub-pixel images detection technique, Shape Finder 2.0 can get precisely defined shapes ready to be used in the Tecnocam programming environment.




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