Web-To-Store : FittingBox's Solutions Serving 6,500 Sales Points

FittingBox, leader in virtual try on solutions for the eyewear industry, reveals the last figures of its global development.

bilan_magasins_en.001With not less than 6,500 sales points, with direct or indirect clients, distributed on 5 continents, the company pursues its growth on a well-directed path.

2 typologies of customers for a world distribution

– The ‘direct’ customers, that is the independent opticians or under sign. Thanks to its brand Optisso, from now on available in Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil, Italy and Russia, FittingBox supplies web-to-store applications directly to 900 independent stores of optics or under sign.

In France, the brand Optisso obtains the rate of 95% of re-engagement. With the deployment of the partnership with Essilor International, world leader of corrective lenses, Fittingbox is planning the opening of about ten new countries by the end of 2014.

bilan_magasins_en.002– The ‘indirect’ clients, that is brands and groupings of opticians. FittingBox supplies its solutions (virtual fitting web applications, high definition photographs and 360-degree interactive views) to the groupings and the big international brands of optic products distribution, which represents 5 600 sales points on 5 continents.

For exemple : Acuitis, Adele Eyecare, Afflelou, Generale d’Optique, GrandOptical, Krys, LesOpticiens Libres, Lissac, Magrabi Optical, Nobel Optical Shop, Optic 2000, Opticas Lux, SVS Vision, Torga Optical, US Vision, Visilab

Leader in virtual try on solutions technologies

Thanks to the high technologies applications developed by FittingBox and to its all-in-one in-house photography studio (which technology has also been transferred to the United States and is handled by Jobson Group), FittingBox succeeded in creating the world’s largest database of 360-degree views of eyewear frames, with more than 40 000 frames.

The 360-degree interactive views offer a better display of the product in a digital environment, and increase the sales of glasses through all the channels.

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