“Carrera Ignition Night” #1 Past. Present. Future.

Carrera Ignition Night #1 was a great success! The event that was held on Saturday, March 2, marked a new beginning for the historic eyewear brand that is part of the Safilo Group.


Many guests, including Italian music and cinema stars and celebrities such as Olivia Magnani (nephew of Italian actress Anna Magnani), Michele Riondino, Eros Galbiati, Federico Russo, Daniela Virgilio, Andrea Pellizzari, Francesco Sarcina and Andy (Bluvertigo), the designer Fabio Novembre and the record-breaking skipper Giovanni Soldini enjoyed Carrera’s unique “You race or you don’t” brand experience, dancing till late into the night with live music and DJs: DJ mixes performed by Violante Placido and Sergio Carnevale (Bluvertigo), followed by Theophilus London and Hercules and Love Affair Sound system live performances.

The Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan was the perfect post-industrial setting for a special installation that took guests on a journey through Carrera’s history, from its origins – in 1956 – and the roots of the brand’s name – the legendary “Carrera Panamericana” road race – through the brand’s style evolution up to the present day, with the rediscovery of its authentic “racing attitude”, which has always been part of its DNA.

Four thematic installations displayed the Carrera 2013 eyewear collection, unveiling the brand’s philosophy and design. Carrera’s new identity now has four different personalities, albeit with a common theme: passion for a world that evokes strong emotions, yet combined with a sophisticated style and an urban atmosphere, as well as unmistakable, original design Several international events will follow hot on the heels of the one in Milan: Carrera Ignition Nights will be held in Madrid (March 20), New York, Beijing and Sao Paolo, revealing the brand’s “racing heritage” to the world.


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