Opti 2015 – All Roads Lead To Munich

The trade show for optics and design will be host to around 500 exhibitors and more than 23,000 visitors, and promises a lot of product premieres 

Where: Munich
When: January 9-11, 2015

Asahi-Lite, Victoria Beckham, Schneider and other big companies will be exhibiting at the event

Four halls filled with news, information and great progress. That is how opti in Munich presents itself from 9th to 11th January 2015. The approximately 500 companies, including the ‘Big Four’ of the ophthalmic industry, promise a trade show with completeness, intelligent presentation, professional organisation, and product depth. On board are a number of new exhibitors that enrich the international trade show for optics & design. In addition, trade visitors can look forward to some new features.

The foundation of opti is not quantity but quality. “Step by step, trade show by trade show, year by year we try to adapt opti to the demands of the market. Therefore, for many opticians the trade show has developed to the most important international information location for expanding their own horizon,” explains Dieter Dohr, Chairman of the Management Board of the GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH. “The trade mark of opti is the high and reliable recognition. Nonetheless, the face and profile of the opti tableau will change slightly in 2015. After all, new and first time participating companies spice up the show with new and exciting additions. There will be many surprises.”

The trade audience can look forward to new firms. In all industry sectors, new names are being represented. For example, the following companies are celebrating their show debut at opti: RVS, Victoria Beckham, Aprospectacles, Marni (frames), Falco Linsen, Procornea, Prolens (contact lenses), Asahi-Lite, Wetzlich, Visio Services International (lenses), Schneider GmbH, AGP, Tecoptique (optical machines). These and the remaining 500 companies promise novelties and more. Thus, opticians can expect a lot of product premieres.

More than 23,000 trade visitors from Germany and abroad are expected. opti has an area of about six football fields (40,000 square metres), the 360 degree view of the entire ophthalmic spectrum, from lenses to contact lenses and frames to store design. The area of optical machines will also grow in 2015.

New job prospects for young European opticians
Be it their graduation or a stay abroad – aspiring opticians seek ways during their studies to gain extensive experience, which is best done internationally. For this reason, opti offers a kind of ‘career path’. Here, the junior staff can learn about academic or practical education and training. Nine academies and universities from Germany and Switzerland will be represented at this opti campus. Topics of career opportunities, recruitment, training, and talent management are increasingly brought into focus at the campus. The campus with teaching institutes is visible in the transition between Hall C1 and Hall C2. Europe’s opticians’ recruits are invited to learn everything on this information platform, from online degree programmes up to the Europe-wide recognised Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes. In addition, future graduates learn which courses were certified by ECOO (European Council of Optometry and Optics). Only then the acquisition of the European Diploma in Optometry is possible. Thus, a lot of job opportunities are opening up in Europe.

New design for the Walk of Frame
The centrepiece in Hall C1, the Walk of Frame is seeing new products being introduced since 2009. However, the presentation is undergoing a revamp. In the future, products will be staged spectacularly. This new design is a modern, fresh and transparent way of presentation. The glassed, floating presentation levels invite the visitors to a view, without being distracted, of the displayed design products made from acetate, wood, and titanium. The optiBAR with a lounge area encourages visitors to relax and enjoy this new production of the ‘Stars of the Industry’.


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