Jaipur Manages The Forty Plus

VP Academy with support from Essilor held its ninth edition at Hilton Hotel, Jaipur on the topic Forty Plus Customers: Managing the Presbyopes

Jaipur is truly a very important tourist destination for its marvellous forts, palaces, arts, handicrafts, metal handicrafts and leather items. And it is in Jaipur that on the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Oct 02, 2019, VP Academy was at the Hilton Hotel fine-tuning the art of Managing the Forty-Plus customers across the three categories of Ophthalmic Lens, Contact Lens and Frames and Sunglasses.

The event began by emphasising how just a spectacle frame can identify an individual, which no one else in the world has the distinction than our own Mahatma. The contribution of Pradeep Tripathi and Munawar Ali of Essilor was acknowledged for bringing together the optical world of Jaipur to hone their skills in maximising their returns while managing their customers. Ashutosh Tripathi of Essilor also complimented the visionary skills of the Mahatma and Lal Bahadur Shastri and implored the opticians to gain the attributes of these visionaries while improving the vision of their customers.

The first session was by Shajan Adolph who is the Head – Education and Professional Services, of Essilor India. Shajan took the audience through a well-compiled knowledge session on Ophthalmic Lens as a category. He emphasised why the progressive lens is as superior to the eye and how the technology in creating that superiority sees continuous evolvement at Essilor and the importance of having the benefits of this communicated emphatically to the customers.

This was followed by Ashima Bharghav who was a former optometrist at AIIMS, New Delhi and is currently associated with premier hospitals in Jaipur for management of specialised cases of corneal irregularities and retinal abnormalities and having a clinical practice to aid visually impaired cases in which surgery is not beneficial. She presented her experience in detail about when and how the opticians should suggest a Contact Lens. She spoke about the different types of Contact Lens and when it should be recommended, keeping the audience spellbound for more than two hours.

The delicious Hilton lunch was enjoyed and loved by all. The next session was on Spectacle Frames and Sunglasses which was taken by Abhinav Maharwal. He is the Managing Director of the 37 years old Maharwal Optical Co Group and recipient of Gold Medals in various fields including Dispensing Optics. He emphasised that the lifestyle of today’s Forty Plus is different and it includes many activities such as sports, driving, computer, smartphones and many more. While he is an affording customer, the sunglasses that are available are far more trendy and may not go in with his current personality, this needs to change.

The day finally ended with the Speakers giving away the Certificates, the graduation cap and the takeaway Media Kit followed by a group photograph.

Our next stop is Chandigarh on December 08, 2019. Keeping in tune with the developments on sports management, in Chandigarh in particular, the topic for the tenth session of VP Academy is Vision Care for Sports Enthusiasts.

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