VP India Mar-Apr 2021


These past few days were packed with a lot of action. The ZEISS YOU&EYE AWARDS,  Mumbai Optical Association Elections and the passing of the ‘The National Commission for Allied & Healthcare Professional Bill’. This sort of action is good for the industry as it gives a kind of push that’s much needed these days.

The ZEISS YOU&EYE AWARDS was a very satisfying project as I wanted to ensure that the message goes out strong that come what may the Indian Optical Industry is alive and well. And thanks to the participating opticians, brand owners and sponsors, the whole industry was able to live this feeling.

I am as excited and optimistic about VisionPlus Expo that’s scheduled for October 2021. For now, enjoy the current issues with the David Beckham in Designer Profile, Bhavin Kothari’s candid feature on the MOA Elections, Pratik Bhatt’s insights on Freeform technology, Lakshmi Shinde’s euphoria on the passing of the bill and a feature on our very own VisionPlus Expo.

Of course, the other regular features like Off the Shelf, Celebwatch and Blogspot will keep you interested as well. Enjoy the issue and stay safe.

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