Essilor's Crizal Forte UV Offers SPF For The Eyes

Produced by Essilor International SA, Crizal Forte UV offers remarkable protection to the eyes from harmful UV exposure

Crizal Forte UV
Crizal Forte UV – a lens that protects eyes from UV radiation with a Sun Protection Factor – for the eyes

Everyone is conscious of the damage the sun’s ultraviolet rays cause to their skin and that is why they ensure to buy sunscreen with high SPF (Sun Protection Factor). While they use sunscreens to protect their skin, people hardly do anything to protect their eyes. 80 per cent of the information received from the brain is through the eyes, and medical studies prove that constant exposure to UV radiation is bad for the eyes. Then, how do people protect their eyes from UV exposure?

Essilor, one of the leading French lens manufacturers who specialise in producing highly innovative technology-backed spectacle lenses, is offering a new weapon against UV exposure for the eyes – Crizal Forte UV – a lens that protects eyes from UV radiation with a Sun Protection Factor – for the eyes.

Many vouch for skincare products that provide UV protection; consumers consciously look for SPF on the products they purchase, believing these protect their skin from the signs of early ageing, wrinkles, darkening and even skin cancer. Yet, many of them are ignorant of the fact that UV radiation causes as much damage to the eyes as to the skin. UV exposure is scientifically known to cause ailments like cataract, photokeratitis, photoconjunctivitis and pterygium in the eye. In fact, 1 out of 5 cataracts may be due to UV exposure. Each year 3 million people go blind from prolonged UV exposure.

There are three types of UV radiation: While UV-C is absorbed by the ozone layer and hence doesn’t cause damage, UV-A and UV-B radiation can have adverse effects on the eyes and vision.

Today, there are lenses that protect from UV damage, but UV rays are not restricted from the front of the lens only – it has been scientifically proven than 50 per cent of UV exposure happens from the back and sides of the lens.

To measure the protection provided to the eye – all one needs to check is an E-SPF for your lens – Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF)  is a new international index developed by Essilor & endorsed by a third party. It follows the similar pattern like the SPF, the higher the E-SPF, the better the UV protection. Which means that if you have an ESPF of 25 – you are 25 times more protected from the sun.

“UV radiation is a recognised source of problem for the eyes. However, UV radiation does not only come from the sun, it comes also from other sources like welding machines, computer screens, and strong ground reflection from snow and water. Hence, the importance of eye protection cannot be understated. Yet, while in India there is a lot of talk about SPF for the skin, there is limited understanding and awareness about E-SPF,” says Mr Shivkumar J, CEO, Essilor India.

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in the world. WHO estimates suggest that up to 20 per cent of cataracts may be caused by overexposure to UV radiation and are therefore avoidable.

“Besides short-term and long-term effects of UV exposure, life-long exposure to sun is also believed to be associated with some cancers of the eye like melanoma. A large number of these eye and vision related ailments can be avoided if we adhere to sun protection. And there is no better way to do it than to have UV protection both front and back in your lenses,” said Mr P Ramachandran, Group COO, Essilor India.


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