Investing In Chair Time With Your Customers Is Good For Business. Do You Agree?

As opticians, this is a unique opportunity for you to put forth your views in front of the optical industry

lowres-optician-customerAs opticians, you must all be aware of some methods to increase your sales. Now, if you consider your shop as a package, then what would be the first thing that would attract your customer to your store? Your interiors and yes, the variety of eye-wear and sunglasses that you offer in your store.

But all this aside, there is one crucial point that always encourages customers to come back. And that’s the personal attention you give to each one. Investing in proper chair time with customers is that ‘make or break’ point for your business.

This is exactly what we would like to ask you in the upcoming issue of VisionPlus under ‘Just One Question’. The question is – Investing in chair time with your customers is good for business. Do you agree?

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