Synergy Vision Product Launched In Dubai On October 13, 2017

Being a sister concern of Synergy Pharma, a well-established pharmaceutical company with ubiquitous presence in the MENA region, Synergy Vision has forayed into the Color & Prescription contact lenses, Eye care solutions & Diagnostic ophthalmic products to serve the people of Gulf and MENA region

Synergy Vision, a medical device company was envisaged with a focus of clear vision for all by providing the best eye care solutions. Synergy Vision very proudly launches for the first time its mystical colored contact lenses with OROS & SOLITAIRE brand in the Middle East. The exciting and innovative OROS and SOLITAIRE contact lenses are supported by ‘Synergy Vision app’ which provides a strong foothold in digital media presence allowing customers to choose the best aesthetic fit contact lens from the comfort of their homes.

With unique color combination and wide coverage in different range of parameters including, refractive errors that includes Spherical, Multifocal, Toric and Toric with Multifocal segment, Synergy Vision has created more options and choices for patients and eye care practitioners.

Interaction from Audience members

The launch event took place on 13th Oct 2017, at the Marriott Hotel-Dubai. It was purely a scientific and educational event that continued to enhance the knowledge of eye care professionals on Dry Eye concerns & Color contact lenses, supported by latest research findings.

The inauguration of the function was done by the Directors of Synergy  Vision, Mr. Premjith Balakrishnan and  Mr. Rajan Nair and was attended by Synergy Vision team members and its customers that included store owners, managers and sales staff of private organizations.

The briefing was kicked off by Mr. Kavi Ramnani, Business development manager who briefed on Synergy Vision, its Vision & Mission. The first speaker of the day Ms. Pragatti, Marketing manager briefed on current issues and latest developments in treatment of Dry Eye and introduced to the audience Synergy Vision eye drops ‘0pti Wet’ specially formulated for  eye relief.

Demonstration on OSA device for Dry eye diagnostic by Michele Barberis , President of SBM Sistemi

The event was also graced by the presence of two international speakers, the first being Mr. Michele Barberis, President, “founder” of the SBM SISTEMI an Italian company, who introduced and demonstrated the Dry Eye Diagnostic tool, ‘ICP OSA’ Ocular Surface Analyzer and elaborated on its benefits and how it can revolutionize the way physicians diagnose and treat dry eyes.

The SBM Sistemi system is an integrated diagnostic platform that allows physicians to perform a complete analysis of the various layers of the tear film in a database that gathers all the measurements made. This also makes it possible to follow the evolution of the disease and to show the patient the treatment results. Synergy Vision is the official distributor of SBM Sistemi diagnostic tools in Middle East region.

Presentation on Color contact lenses ,OROS & SOLITAIRE by Luca Scalorbi , R&D Professional at optical division of SOLEKO

The second international speaker of the day was Mr. Luca Scalorbi, Chief Engineer SOLEKO, in Italy. He introduced and detailed on OROS & SOLITAIRE Color Contact lenses and AERO color contact lens care solution, emphasizing on the science behind the products.  The scientific evidences covering the use of specific pigments and patterns used in contact lens designing left the audience intrigued and spell bound wanting for more.

The briefing was concluded by Ms. Pragatti, who introduced the Synergy Vision color app, a digital media breakthrough, that allows customer to choose the best color lens for ones eyes from the comfort of her or his home. A lucky draw was done on the day, where the winners were gifted prizes and thus concluding a memorable day for all those who had gathered.

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