Dior Launches Its Latest Masterpiece: DiorClub 3 Sunglasses

An outgoing piece of eyewear that sure deserves to be flaunted everywhere one goes…

After the successful launch of DiorClub1 Visor, House of Dior decided to launch another one in the same lane. Inspired by the same series of experimental artworks, ‘Les Tirs’ by Niki De Sain Phalle, these are up for grabs globally.

Referencing the pair the artist wore while carrying our her rifle-based performances, these eyewear models revisit the pilot form of masculinity. But the twist is their feminine details which are subtly added and loved by all. The eyewear models are clearly a statement accessory for the season of summer and are available in quirky colours. The models seem to extend around a cut-out frame, engraved with the star motif, a signature style of Christian Dior!


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