Origami Styles By Marni: Fashionable And Chic

Origami Styles by Marni is geometric and intriguing. The summer style sunglasses are so chic, upbeat and how!

The Origami Styles
ME104S: Origami Dot, Marni Eyewear

Origami Styles
Look forward to the eye-catching designs from Marni with Orgami Dot and Origami Mask. The geometric shape of Marni sunglasses can be worn with constructivist costumes that echo bold colours. The eyewear collection comes in an enlightened colour scheme that facilitates the look of the sunglasses and makes it look bigger and bolder.


Contemporary and edgy, the Origami Dot sunglasses feature a full round shape with nylon lenses. Thanks to its 3-millimeter thickness, the shape is embellished with exclusive milling both on the upper and lower part, creating an original play of volumes and detailing.

The smooth and generous size of the mask is offset by ultra-thin temples that add a feminine touch to this sophisticated style, further enhancing the color contrast coming from the lightweight mix of metallic and synthetic materials.

The Origami Styles
ME615S: Origami Mask, Marni Eyewear


This mask is characterized by a sharp, squared shape designed with nylon lenses and an acetate frame. Its 3-millimeter thickness allows for the milling of both the upper and lower part, creating an original play of volumes and detailing, which is further stressed by the side metallic details that outline the edges and enhance the overall color contrast.

Seamlessly integrated into the mask, the flat temples evoke the borders’ enamel color and the style’s geometrical proportions, featuring two metal screws that clamp (oppure clasp? the hinges on the internal part becoming ornamental at the same time. A cored wire on the temples allows for the maximum flexibility and adjustability of this high-impact silhouette.

About Marni:
Developed and produced by Marchon, the eyewear line comes in a full range of styles for both optical frames and sunglasses. The designs are unique and play with saturated colours and contrasting materials.

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